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The ad was only a small one tucked in the corner of the local morning paper.

To me, it seemed to be highlighted and reaching out to me. After raising 3 beautiful children by myself for the past 10 years, I had unexpectedly met a new man and had a total upheaval of changing everything which had been so familiar and safe.

I had also been studying by correspondence whenever I could manage and had just taken the major step of attending classes at the Open Polytechnic in order to complete the papers after 5 years.  I also had a significant birthday approaching.

“A weekend of pampering” – what could be better to finally do something for ME.

The paperwork completed, I never once had any concerns about stepping outside my comfort zone – going away with complete strangers – trusting someone else to take care of me.

The weekend was totally fabulous with surprises (Mt John Observatory), a great acceptance and friendship amongst our intimate group and the most glorious sunrise on Mt Cook. The weather held until we turned to leave our tramp and head back – soo magical.

With a range of ages to cater for, Anah had organised a superb range of experiences, a comfortable walk which everyone could manage, time to rest and time to mingle, named Mt Cook rocks on our meal table and our exceptional cook who provided “soul food” . A private massage topped the whole experience off.

“Anah has a deep-seated philosophy of nurturing at all levels and this just flows with the activities, and the environment which was created on my weekend to Mt Cook.”

It was a welcome “time for me” which was new but totally comfortable. Quite an intimate group, some who had met before and others who had not – we quickly became joined in the fellowship of the special time.

The thought and provisions which had gone into the planning meant it flowed and catered for us all. Brilliant organisation and planning always appears seamless. Thank you Anah.”

Judth Timaru Mt Aoraki / Mt Cook Trip July 29, 2009

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