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Time for spiritual nourishment.

Off to Wellington on the wee pencil plane to the capital with my gorgeous mum. Always an interesting flight as we meet wellingtons ubiquitous winds on arrival. Batten down the hatches. Today we should see Mt Cook, Aoraki the crown of the southern alps, as skies are...

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The potential within

Its evening up at the canal in Twizel and its fishing time. The Maadi rowing cup is on and eager anglers walk the banks of the canal looking for the ever elusive fish for dinner. By the way, thank you mr trout for ours:) As I think about my future as an Integrative...

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Bacon and egg pie

Nothing like a wee picnic in the beautiful natural landscape of Lake Pukaki when all around seems very out of balance. Soothes the soul and calms the mind. Bacon and egg pie, a small bubbly of happy bubbles and an Easter egg. Nature inspires and reminds us its the...

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The life of a night duty nurse

330am and another 4 hrs to go on this night shift in Ed. 12 hr shifts have their advantages, three nights on four days off. Nurses are very used to turning the biorhythm cycles upside down as we weave our lives in and out of days and nights. Such is the life of a...

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Integrative Nurse Coach exam

As I prepare for my integrative nurse coach exam, I am reminded through my readings and inner knowings that life in all that it is , is connected. So intricately connected that we need this balance to nuture ourselves in wholeness and all we connect to, in its...

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A New Year 2014

Full of possibilities and opportunities. Explore, read something different , see life from another perspective . Reveal in all the colour and textures this New Year brings. Be kind to each other, be grateful and laugh and enjoy the moments in full honesty and...

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Surgery day, Unfamiliar country for some.

I sit awaiting surgery on my hand. As an experienced registered nurse, this is all very familiar country to me and I am well versed with procedures and the rhythm of the health system. It makes me wonder about all those who find this a very frightening experience, so...

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A tribute to the great wise leaders

As the world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela, tributes for his wisdom , integrity, humility and strength against all odds come flooding through. An incredible leader unmatched in so many ways. He was a man truly connected to the people and this earth. This global...

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I return home …

I return home an Integrative Nurse Coach and am ready to bring together all the myriad of experiences from the past. I am excited about this step into the future of healthcare with an incredible group of American nurse coaches. It's now time for this to go global.

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