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Making a Difference

Making a difference is contagious when you are surrounded by people with a common vision. Recently I spoke at the ‘Making a Difference’ educators conference in Timaru, sharing my passion in holistic wellness and the change from within. Sometimes you just never know...

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A Final Goodbye

by Purple Rocks and Culture Shock And suddenly, there was no more time. It ran right past me, it flew on by. It pulled at my hair as it soared through, lifting curls from my shoulders and daring me to hold them down. It slipped through my fingers, unperturbed by my...

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Written by Purple Rocks and Culture Shock Let me begin with a disclaimer; there is a lot that I cannot say. The world of Disney is shrouded in secrecy. In order to keep the magic alive, we are sworn to some sort of unspoken, unwritten code of silence. Going against...

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Culture Shock

  It is a strange feeling, to find yourself in a setting so similar to the one in which you grew up, and have it be distinctly incomparable to the vast meadows and familiar faces of home. The people look the same, mostly. They have the same teeth, the same noses,...

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Morena and good morning sun

Morena and good morning sun. The giver of life,  light and all energy, visible and invisible. The best time of the day in the quiet and light of the sunrise, for gratitude and centering for a wonderful day.

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A grateful heart is a healthier heart. 

We are often reminded about the daily importance of humble gratitude. How this can change our lives to become more cheerful and positive people. With ANZAC remembrances still vivid in our minds, I am so grateful for the lives we now have because of the courage against...

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Benazir Bhutto

Did anyone see the incredible doco on Maori Television last night ? The insight to the Bhutto family and their fight for social justice in Pakistan over four generations was incredibly inspiring and against incredible odds. Benazir Bhutto was a woman of selfless...

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Give Peace a chance

In the immortal words of John Lennon ' give peace a chance'. He said not just for ten years but forever. He talked about governments, countries and communities. When the housewife can truly understand that 'the war is over ' then peace will be given a chance. Leave...

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Hui a Tau 2014 Our Health,Our Taonga

Be the change you want to be. Thank you for the inspiring Nursing Leadership and Congratulations on the first Indigenous Nurses Conference at Eden Park. Nurses as one voice are a powerful force for positive change within our health systems. Be the very best we can be.

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