Did anyone see the incredible doco on Maori Television last night ?
The insight to the Bhutto family and their fight for social justice in Pakistan over four generations was incredibly inspiring and against incredible odds.
Benazir Bhutto was a woman of selfless character determined to lift the Pakistani people out of abject poverty and injustice.
After her assassination in 2007 , her children then stepped up to continue the fight for the human rights of their people. The fourth generation of Bhutto’ s to do so.
Where are our world leaders that lead not for the self but for others. Where is the moral fortitude , endurance and perseverance ?
This documentary needs to be in all levels of education and everyday conversations so that the world knows that social justice for all is paramount for a better world for all.
We must educate ourselves well, outside our own boundaries and know of the huge sacrifices individuals have made historically and continue to do so today in the fight for social justice and global health.
How do we teach our children ?

Bhutto | Documentary by Duane Baughman | Independent Lens | PBS

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