In the immortal words of John Lennon ‘ give peace a chance’. He said not just for ten years but forever. He talked about governments, countries and communities.
When the housewife can truly understand that ‘the war is over ‘ then peace will be given a chance.
Leave the door open for love.
So many of his songs were about love in its very deepest sense and the need for global peace.
As world leaders meet in New York City addressing yet again climate change, will we see the emergence of ethical valued leadership?
Not just to furnish an individual or governments ego but to make decisions that enable all world citizens and the generations to come, a planet that is healthy restorative and in balance with all things.
For without this there is no life. Material things are immaterial and avarice for personal gain does not provide the opportunity for global health, equity and peace.
Until we begin to address the very real issues of imbalance brought about by human destruction through all life systems on this planet and begin to truly care for all, our future is bleak.
We must remove the blindfolds of fear and ignorance and start by caring and loving our communities.
We must develop leadership that is articulate and honest based on ethical values.
Have we forgotten so much about the importance of caring for others.
It is a very poor reflection of today’s societies.
As nurses we have the responsibility to ‘care’ in its most absolute form.
Use our voices collectively to bring about realisation and critical reflection.
Do we read to expand the mind to improve our global intelligence?
This country lacks the type of leadership to take us through the very challenging times as a world voice.
Develop our young people to think from a global view point.
To educate them well, in diverse and multi perspectives.
To come from a point of view that embraces, what I can do for others and not what I can do for the self.
The times are now urgent.
Give Peace a Chance.


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