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Changing Lenses

A Health & Wellness Workshop

The role of empathy, culture and kindness in creating healthy communities.

Are you a health professional, organisational leader, educator or community leader?

The Changing Lenses workshop offers fresh perspectives on how empathy, culture and kindness can be used to develop resilient organisations and communities.

Value based leadership is the key to well societies and is an integral part of the day’s learning.

In this unique conversation-based workshop, you’ll hear from and speak with leaders from various fields who have achieved success by challenging the ‘all-for-one and one-for-none’ mentality permeating our society.

As a platform where people can come together to seek new knowledge, this event encourages the use of conscious thought and mindful acts in order to enable a multi-lens worldview approach to health and wellbeing. Anah hopes that Changing Lenses will become an annual event supporting and inspiring others to find their courage, speak their truth and action positive change for the betterment of their communities.



Event Bookings

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Payment Options: Payments can be made by online banking or secure credit card payment.

Special One-Day Event

Changing Lenses: “Creating Positive Change from Within”

Changing Lenses is an event that seeks to broaden our understanding of empathy and connectedness, an understanding that we can then share within our respective homes, workplaces and communities.

The day will begin with registration at 8.30am and the workshop will run from 9.15am to 5pm, with lunch and tea breaks included. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to listen to and engage with local and international guest speakers sharing their own knowledge and personal experience of empathy with you.

Following the workshop there will be an evening banquet, starting at 7pm (doors open from 6.30pm) and finishing around 10pm. There will be a two hour break between the workshop and the banquet, during which time you can return to your home/accommodation and freshen up, or simply head outside to stretch your legs and explore the surrounding CBD area.

Creative arts will be underpinning the event, with a variety of unique, interactive and inspiring acts taking place throughout the course of the day. Changing Lenses is an educational, informative and eye-opening workshop for which attendance certificates will be provided.

The Banquet

There is a banquet dinner following the Health and Wellness Workshop during which time you will have the opportunity to relax, taste some beautiful dishes and share in inspired conversation with fellow banquet-goers.

The Guest Speakers

Our fascinating guest speakers have a myriad of experience and stories, many of which are sure to resonate directly with you. If you would like to learn from and find inspiration within their teachings, be sure to book your seat now!

Carolyn Jones

Changing Lenses Topic:   “Nurses unique power to heal”

Filmmaker and photographic ethnographer Carolyn Jones has spent her career shining a light on ordinary people who make extraordinary differences in the lives of others.

Inspired by a very personal experience in which a nurse helped her get through chemotherapy, Carolyn has spent the past seven years interviewing over 150 nurses—creating a book and a film called “The American Nurse”—in an effort to better understand the integral role nurses play in our lives.

Along the way she discovered that nurses are uniquely positioned to help guide patients, families and caregivers as they make critical choices about end-of-life care, which led to the creation of her latest documentary, “Defining Hope,” which was broadcast on PBS stations across the US.

Carolyn presents an outsider-looking-in perspective with the goal to inspire others to think of nurses in a way that they may never have before and to raise the volume on the voices of nurses everywhere.

Read more

From people “living positively” with AIDS to women artisans supporting entire communities and nurses on the frontlines of healthcare, Carolyn Jones has devoted her career to celebrating invisible populations and breaking down barriers.

Carolyn Jones creates projects that point our attention towards issues of global concern.

Jones has spent the past five years interviewing more than 150 nurses from every corner of the US in an effort to better understand the role of nurses in this country’s healthcare system. She published the critically-acclaimed book The American Nurse: Photographs and Interviews by Carolyn Jones, for which she was interviewed on PBS NewsHour and featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today. She directed and executive-produced the follow-up documentary film The American Nurse: Healing America, which was released in theaters nationwide and was an official selection of the 2015 American Film Showcase, a cultural diplomacy program of the US Department of State.

Visit her website to learn more

Rachel Callander

I am so excited to be part of the Changing Lenses Conference as I see immense value in conversations about care from three perspectives, care for others (patients), each other (colleagues) and self. When care is mobilised in all three areas, then health outcomes and wellbeing is optimised. The theme and focus of “the role of empathy, culture and kindness in creating healthy communities”, is something I believe in wholeheartedly and I am honoured to be part of this important conversation.

Rachel is a TEDx presenter, speaker, trainer, award-winning artist and the author of the Outstanding Book of the Year Award 2015 IPPY New York, Super Power Baby Project. This exceptional book celebrates the lives and abilities of children with chromosomal or genetic conditions and was inspired by Rachel’s late daughter Evie, who was born with a very rare condition herself.

Rachel is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences around Australia and NZ. Her audiences are mostly made up of health professionals, and she speaks about the need to communicate using open-hearted language, especially at diagnosis. 

Read more

She teaches how the first words used at diagnosis critically shape how a parent perceives their future: The words can allow the parent to be their best, and find meaning even in pain; or they can create anger, mistrust, frustration, and can break down the crucial relationship between the parent and the health professional. It’s a conversation about empowerment – For the patient, and for the health professional.

In the two and a half years of Evie’s life, Rachel learnt a lot about the use of language in the health system and has spent the subsequent years continuing to explore the impact and implications of how it is used by health professionals – To positive and negative effect. This book is Evie’s legacy, as is Rachel herself, and both have much to teach us about ourselves, and how we negotiate conflict, grief, hope, uniqueness, celebration, and a meaningful life.

Rachel also works with executives and leadership teams to facilitate positive culture change, and to build systems to reflect new thinking around what effective communication looks like and how it can be measured for better health results and positive patient experiences.

Rachel is completely engaging and unassumingly unique, drawing her style from three distinct perspectives:

  • Her motherhood to Evie, and the years of experience as a parent in the health system.
  • Her perspective as an artist, applying right-brained emotional strength to a conversation often filled with left-brained statistics and facts.
  • Her work with the Thought Leadership Business School (essentially, a commercial PhD), allowing her to build every concept into something strong, communicable, and effective, and then to tailor those ideas to specific audiences.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) from the Dunedin School of Art in New Zealand, is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) and is an international award-winning photographer and author.

Visit her website to learn more

Dr Summer Damuth DO

Anah has brought together an amazing group of women to lead and share in Changing Lenses, and I am looking forward to learning from their experiences and having the opportunity to share mine with each of you.

Summer Damuth is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and has a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine.

She is aware of how simple it is to lose sight of the human being sitting in front of us amidst the daily stressors of our own lives. She knows how difficult it can be to go to work and genuinely share in people’s pain and anxiety having reached your fourth rostered shift in a row, having missed lunch because of high patient volume and being preoccupied with the thought that your own child is at home sick.

However, she believes that understanding people’s own experience is exactly what we should be striving to do.

Read more

Summer chose to train at an Osteopathic Medical school because their core principles aligned with her view of how medicine and wellness intertwine. The Osteopathic focus centers on treating the patient as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. She learned that the body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing,and health maintenance. Summer practices providing treatment based on understanding the link between body unity, self-regulation and the interrelationship of structure and function.

Summer trained in Chicago, Illinois, and practiced in Washington state for the six years before coming to New Zealand. Though she received excellent technical, procedural and evidence-based training, there was very little education around the patient experience. It wasn’t until she was a clinical director and her hospital administration made a very brave move to change the culture to be centered around the patient encounter that she even realised it was a problem. However, after attending the Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy Summit she realised that she could be giving her patients and their families a much better experience.

Summer believes that empathy is a skill that can be taught, a skill that everyone in healthcare can and should be striving to improve upon with each patient that they encounter.

If health professionals (and other leaders within our community) can change their perspective and come to understand anger as a cover for hurt, and anxiety as a cover for fear, then we can help patients through whatever it is that they may be going through. Summer’s goal is to create a guide to help healthcare professionals practice empathic communication in every patient encounter, to see each patient as an opportunity to have a real human connection which will elevate both party’s experience.Summer is very excited to be involved with Changing Lenses. She believes that the event has the potential to reach all walks of our community and bring compassion and empathy to the forefront of the patient experience. Summer believes that coming together to hear and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals from different walks of life is imperative, not only in starting a cultural shift, but also in implementing these ideas into action.

Visit here to view her profile

The Nurses

Anah, Liz, Heather and others will bring their broad knowledge in the field of health to your groups throughout the day.

Anah Aikman

Anah Aikman is a practicing NZ Registered Nurse with 40+ years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of health dynamics and leadership. In 2013, she studied in New York at the International Nurse Coach Association to become a certified Integrative Nurse Coach.

Anah believes in encouraging and supporting others to create positive change, not only within their own lives but also within the lives of their communities. She offers workshops, retreats and coaching events that centre upon the importance of health and wellbeing. She focuses on such topics as self-care, mindfulness, value based leadership, health navigation and cultural change.

Read more

In 2013 in New York City, I qualified as a board certified Integrative Nurse Coach through the International Nurse Coach (INCA) program as cohort five, continuing my study to become an Advanced Integrative Nurse Coach.

INCA is currently undertaking their 24th cohort program and are making significant inroads towards the way we view health and wellbeing globally.

Then a pioneering program, INCA’s philosophy is centred around creating value based leadership, resilience, mindfulness and global thinking within a holistic, culturally appropriate, integrated model of healthcare through a nurse coaching framework.

I was very privileged to become the first certified international Nurse Coach outside the United States. As a Registered Nurse and woman of Maori and Scottish ancestry, I am honoured to carry this with me as part of my basket of knowledge, interwoven and interconnected as one.

Addressing our ways of being through positive and authentic communication pathways, new learnings, reflection and self awareness, begins the path to improved health outcomes.

Empathy, compassion, connectedness, cultural awareness and kindness are an essential and important component of wellbeing, particularly for those of us who work in the health sector. This incorporated into the art of value based leadership, is a workshop on its own.

My aim is to share what these words mean in relation to how we care for and genuinely enact these, as we collaborate with our patients, families, colleagues and communities.

Our pathways of care for others will be either positively or adversely affected depending on how we approach, embrace or dismiss the significance of these communication skills.

During 2017 I travelled to California after being been given the opportunity to participate and collaborate in creating a wellness program for a Native American Nation. The effects of historical trauma on the wellness wheel are devastating and complex.

Intergenerational mass trauma plays a significant role in health patterning, and the hard wiring of behaviours and responses. Current neuroscience research supports this. Mindfulness and awareness practices assist in creating new neural pathways. When utilised regularly, these change stress responses, and lead to an improvement of stress-related illnesses; mental health; behavioural issues; and health choices.

Nurse Coaching supports these practices, in line with goal setting and the actioning of health plans in a culturally appropriate, collaborative, integrated and holistic model of care.

When addressing health issues, it is important to view them in a multi perspective context, in a background of historical, spiritual, cultural and wellness trauma. As a Nurse Coach, my approach to health and wellbeing is holistic, mindful, integrated, culturally appropriate and collaborative.

Heather Leong

Heather is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Graduate Diploma Nutrition Medicine, and she is a Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach.

Heather has had a long term interest in supporting people to better health with preventative health and wellness strategies which originally led her to a career in Nursing.

Heather’s nursing experience is varied, she has worked in Medical, Surgical, Cardiac Care and Obstetrics, which eventually led to Midwifery.

Read more

Heather lives in rural New Zealand and is the mother of 4 children who are now teenagers and young adults.

As a Community Nurse in the Waikato, Heather works with clients who have disabilities or require support due to age related frailty and chronic poor health.

In 2016 she received a Rural Women Scholarship to attend the 15th Integrative Nurse Coaching cohort in Harmony Hill Washington and in 2017 became a Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach. This course has fuelled a passion for Nurse Coaching and Heather now has a new direction in her part time business, working holistically as an Integrative Nurse Coach supporting individuals to find their own path to improved and optimal well-being.

Heather takes her interest in health personally and works on her own self-care daily. Heather is a keen open water swimmer, practices meditation daily and loves being fit. She has her own Nurse Coach to keep her on the path to wellness.

Elizabeth Cook

Holistic Nurse – Board Certified, NZRN, Integrative Technical Consultant, Reiki Master, CMT.

With a diverse background in Nursing, Mental Health, Pharmacy, Governance and Complementary & Alternative Medicines – health is Elizabeth’s absolute passion. She has an infectious enthusiasm for positive social change and brings her young, vibrant and tenacious energy into collaborative projects.

She currently works in Otago as a Mental Health Nurse across various inpatient services, as well as an Integrative Technical Consultant in a pharmacy setting, offering holistic health services that are individualised to each client.

Read more

Changing Lenses was an idea that developed organically over many nourishing meals and conversations with Integrative Nurse Coach Anah Aikman after Elizabeth sought out more aspiration in her Nursing practice and vision for health.

After spending the majority of her early life caring for a family member with chronic illness, she is no stranger to the medical system and the challenges for patients and service users, as well as those working within an older medical paradigm.

Faced with only conventional options of career development upon her graduation from nursing school, Elizabeth took the momentous step of not following in her colleagues’ footsteps – she carved her own path with a principle question in mind: “will this get me closer to my vision of health, or further away?”

Elizabeth is the first and only New Zealand Board Certified Holistic Nurse. She is excited to share opportunities and new frontiers with New Zealand Nurse Coaches in a paradigm shift in health delivery and self-care.

Join Us

If our vision aligns with yours and you would like to be part of Changing Lenses, we encourage you to get in touch. We extend invitations to health professionals, educators and grassroots leaders alike who envision a healthier, more resilient world for our current and future generations.


Years Coaching Women

Years Nursing


People Returning For More

Happy Clients

“You aroused all of my senses and reminded me of what is important to enhance my life! … Thank you Anah, I now feel like my ‘tank is full’ and my ‘lenses are cleaned’ and my outlook is where it should be – I feel great thanks to you!

I am looking forward to more experiences with you leading the way.”

Toni Sweetman

Restorative Justice Coordinator
July 2017

“Anah is a vibrant Nurse Coach, Entrepreneur and an authentic leader in her professional field. She models and understands that wellness is achieved when body, mind, and spirit are cared for and honored.

Anah’s ability to partner and support others is a magnificent journey filled with stepping stones toward authentic resilience.”

Mariola Leja-Peden



Is it for you?

If you answer YES to one or more of the following questions, then Changing Lenses is for you.

  • Do you think compassion, empathy and kindness are missing from today’s health and business systems?
  • Do you believe our health and wellbeing is affected by how we empathise, connect and care for each other?
  • Are you interested in values based leadership?
  • Are you curious to find out more about how stress affects our wellbeing and productivity?

What are you going to get at the end of it?

  • Health professionals will receive an Attendance Certificate for professional development hours.
  • Everyone will take home the true experiences of thought leaders who’ve embraced new ways of integrating the health perspective into their success. We hope you can apply their lessons to your every day life for the betterment of you, your family/whanau, your workplace and community.

What training credits available?

Attendance certificate for professional development hours provided.

What is the schedule/programme?

Workshop 830am – 5 pm with lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided followed by a gourmet banquet at 7 pm.

What is ‘values based’ leadership?

Values such as compassion, empathy and kindness are often found absent from today’s health and business systems. Changing Lenses seeks to address this issue and improve outcomes for all concerned.

Values-based leadership is about empowering a mindful, collaborative and respectful approach to interactions between people. This leads to measurable productivity gains for the individual, the organisation and the community. The Changing Lenses workshop will highlight the fundamental importance of staying true to core values and incorporating them into our everyday practices as health professionals, workplace leaders, educators and community leaders.

What entertainment is there?

Creative Arts. Musicians. Actors. Indigenous experience. Interactive conversations.

Is it for nurses only?

No. This event is for anyone who envisions a healthier, more resilient culture for current and future generations. The workshop content is particularly relevant to health professionals, workplace leaders, educators and grassroots leaders.

Is it for females only?

This event is open to all.

Who is organising it?

Anah Aikman. New Zealand Registered Nurse. Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach. Change Agent.

Who is speaking at it?

  • International Keynote Speakers
  • Carolyn Jones
  • Rachel Callendar
  • Dr Summer Damuth

What is it about?

Understanding and learning how empathy and kindness is vital for our daily wellbeing and how the application of these values can change our lives for the better.

Where is it?

The Piano: Centre for Music and The Arts. Christchurch.

Why should I come?

To be around like minded people who will share in an incredible unique experience that will open your mind to new knowledge.


Contact Me

Do you have a question? Contact me now.

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Anah Aikman +64 27 2793248

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