Our Point of DifferenceAnah with her ladies tour group on a recent trip to Bali.

  • Customised travel experiences NZ and Overseas
  • Travelling with women who have similar intent and purpose
  • Fun adventures that allow for the spontaneous magical moments
  • Guardian Anah is a practising NZ Registered Nurse
  • Visit exotic locations and take rare tourist routes
  • Interact with our environment, and enhance your own wellbeing
  • Meet the real people and embrace authentic personal experiences'
    He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata. ( Its the people the people the people)

The Road Less Travelled began with an idea to create a positive space for women to be their essential selves for a weekend or more. This opportunity allows women to chat with other women, share ideas and camaraderie in a fun and positive way. We have expanded from that idea to now provide small group trips to overseas locations as well as breakaways inside New Zealand.

When you take a tour with Anah, you take a 'journey' as she uses her positive energy to share her beliefs and adventures with a small group of women. Anah loves sharing her journeys in the hope that it will inspire others to go beyond their own comfort zones and become who they intrinsically are in a safe and fun environment with like minded women.

"I find women are now looking for deeper connections. With our lives being so busy in this era, time out to renew, refresh and extend ones boundaries, are an integral part of our personal growth. To become the best we can be in our lifetimes and reach our potentials, nourishes our souls and positively influences others, to be the best that they can be, and in turn give service to others to make this world a better place."

My belief is that, if I am able to expose women to a way of travel and to coin a phrase, is just not about the destination, then we all have the opportunity to learn about others, our environment and develop tolerance, patience and respect in the process. Each day is for our learning experience and if learnt, sets us up with better skills and knowledge for the future.

  • I think that we have all become 'soooo' busy in our world that we are thirsty for greater nourishment particularly as women, no matter our age.
  • I believe that we now have little time in our daily lives for the important chat and socialising that brings good women together.
  • If we can bring new ideas and knowledge to our wee travel group in an environment of care and respect then I believe we can make a difference in the bigger circles.
  • Good ideas, conversation and forward thinking can help make our future a better one, both for us as a people, and the planet as a whole. Its the little things that are important.
  • I also believe that having different age groups and experiences, brings together a wonderful array of wisdom and sharing of knowledge. Older women generally bring the wisdom and what a treasure that is to share. There is always new learning for me as well. I find the journey very exciting, love going away and embrace the ever evolving picture.
  • On all my trips I always endeavour to meet the real people and this tends to change depending who comes across one's path. Veer left instead of right and oh what magic is in store. Brief moments captured in time.
  • So in a nutshell I guess 'The Road Less Travelled' way is just that.
    • Caring, socialising, exploring, respect, integrity, honesty. All those universal principles we learn on the way.
  • For me, its not about 'perfection' but the process of extending oneself to become a 'better' person, and the evolvement of our 'selves' that occurs as part of that process. The ripple effect then takes over and more and more people then wish to make their journey, a contributing one.

Even if not aware of it, I often notice the subtle changes and it is up to the individual on how the new knowledge and experience will be utilised.

Most often, we look for low cost holiday deals so that we can find respite from the daily grind. Going for a vacation is definitely an effective way to relieve yourself of stress. Here at The Road Less Travelled, you get to experience different types of getaways. Just like when going for a vacation, you also get to feel relaxed, have the opportunity to meet new like-minded women, visit new cultures, and discuss things on a compatible level.

The Environment, Health and Community

We are in an age of social responsibility and businesses must now embrace a social conscience at many levels. We can no longer sit back on our laurels as we know this very earth is changing dramatically in front of us. Each day we are now reminded through many types of media, that we must not waste, recycle and be earth friendly.

Most of us now realise, that we have to start changing the old ways and habits in order to more towards a healthier environment, and by taking a trip with Anah, you can get the opportunity to discuss and learn more about our environment.

Fun adventures that allow for the spontaneous magical moments

Being of a nature that was often spontaneous, Anah has experienced different lands and cultures on a level that embraced the moments.

From the Dala’s Lama’s home in the Himalaya’s, to the desert mesa’s of the Hopi Indians in Northern Arizona. From the Masai in Kenya to the hustle and bustle of colonial Hong Kong. From the Wampanoag tribe of Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod to Calcutta, India, poverty and wealth juxtaposed.

Travel experiences focus on the whole being, mind, body and spirit.

Being born of Maori and Scottish ancestry, Anah as a very small child, had a deep love for the natural beauty of her area and a close sense of being, tied intrinsically to the land. An intuitive nature encompassed her sense of self. Although all this came naturally as a child, it wasn’t until many years later that Anah realized how much of an impact this would have on her life.

Inspiration from The Road Less Travelled Logo

The Road Less Travelled logo - click to enlargeWhen first inspired some years ago, to develop out of the ordinary travel opportunities for women, it was the stories and experiences of others from all walks of life that I loved. These inspiring stories of everyday life gave a sense of history and contribution, a sense of place and a sense of being, both on a personal and collective level.

…… They also gave an affirmative life purpose…

For when one has purpose there is a connectedness that often spans generations.

This connectedness creates vision.

Long term vision is integral to future generations holistic well being, both for individuals, whanau / family, and as local and global communities .

When we recognise the contribution of others and those who came before, only then, as communities, can we move forward in positive and learned ways. As stories are woven intricately, a balance of life’s finely textured fibres hold our communities together with core values that honor spirit, acceptance, apology, respect and care for others and our environment.

With this in mind, the textures of an old worn Maori ‘kite’ or basket of knowledge still held together by the weavings of old hands felt as one with my inner spirit. It was what I wanted to share on my Road Less Travelled experiences. Often in subtle ways these everyday stories are woven today on these journeys. As each person takes away their own story to share with others, positive ripples go forth and together, positive change occurs at many different levels. As we recognise experience, contribution and age, learnings and wisdom become precious.

Old wise hands created a flax basket that would span the generations and the knowledge it contained, revered.

Go share your stories for all are unique.