Its always great to share positive thoughts and comments about our lifetime experiences, both for the giver and the receiver. As with 'The Road Less Travelled Experiences' it is no different, and I thank these fabulous women for sharing their thoughts with us all about their experiences on my trips to Bali and Melbourne as well as around NZ.  Anah

Otago Rail Trail 2010

" ... wonderful fellowship with a new group of ladies in my life - i am left with happy memories and reflections which i will carry with me forever - the biking was brilliant to"

Regards ... Maree

"Thanks for a wonderful time on the Rail Trail. Your superb planning meant it was a truly fun filled experience. The cycling schedule meant we had lots of time to relax before we went off to explore the area or join in the fun of the Art Deco Festival in Ranfurly. The accomodations were all lovely too, and weren't we so lucky with the weather. I've got some great photos and memories of a wonderful time. Both you and Steve were fantastic hosts, it was a trip to remember."

Best wishes

Bali 2009

"Hi Anah
I think fondly and often of our trip to Bali, wish it could have gone on. Everyone who asks me how it was gets told Fabulous, and the best thing I have done for myself in a long long time. Then they ask how it is that a group of total strangers can all become friends and go away like thta. I tell them its the magic of the whole philosophy. of the road less travelled."


Bali Nov 2007 ...

Foot massage.Hi Anah
Thanks for a wonderful trip.  I will be talking about it for some time to come.  Your knowledge of the country and its people are a credit to you and it certainly adds to the overall experience. When sharing my memories with my friends and family it is difficult to know where to start.  The girls, the orphanage, and the balinese people and culture.  Each is unique in its own way.
Paula -Auckland

Bali Tour May 2007 ...

"- why the road less travelled? I had had a challenging two years and needed to do something for me. I heard of this trip, and liked what I saw of the itinerary, I would not have done anything like this myself. I pondered, not knowing any of the ladies, but looking back wonder why.

This was the most magical, inspiring, spiritual, humbling adventure I have taken, an absolute delightful gem of a tour leader who had done her homework with a fine tooth comb. Anah doesn't know it but a holiday with her every year is on my itinerary.

My highlight the amazing craftsmanship of the balianese & have you ever seen a 55yr old learning to surf, so much fun & laughter."        NELL

Magical Experience

"My trip to Bali was a magical experience with lots of adventures, it is a country I will visit again. The people are happy and inviting.

Orphan.The memory that stays in my mind the most is the orphanage and the wonderful couple who gave up their jobs and their lives to look after 260 abandoned children. The children come from Java, Lombok and Bali and their parents either to poor to care for them or they had been aborted almost full term. Their ages range from babies to sixteen years old. The couple that run the orphanage have no support from the government all the children are educated and are taught life skills and music. The children are taught to play musical instruments and have a orchestra who play at events this is one of their main sources of income the rest is from the generosity of donations of food clothing given by individuals or orgainisations.

It was a very tearful event for me when we visited we donated rice, milk powder and eggs. The very young children aged approx 3 to 5 years old sang us three songs. These gorgeous well cared for babies made me realize just how lucky we are in this country."  DENISE

We Bonded Really Well

"I went on the Bali trip with Anah (The Road Less Travelled) because I had been on a short weekend trip with Anah and had such a great experience I was also keen to get away from the stresses of everyday life and gain some new experiences.

Womens tour group bonding with the locals.Although I had been to Bali on holiday before I knew that going with Anah and the rest of the Girls would be a totally different experience. We had an absolutley fantastic time, and Anah showed us an insight to a country that we would not have gained travelling with others, the go with the flow attidtude allowed us to experiece things that do not often happen with your average overseas holiday.

The group of women bonded extremely well and I am sure we will all stay lifelong friends. The trip bought out a wealth of emotions, filled with fun, laughter and yes the odd tear, I can not name one highlight as every day was filled with highlights from the very first day in Singapore to drinking tea at home with the locals, to walking into dreamland a magical hidden beach along the south west coast..................."         Jeanna M

WOW - Wearable Arts Wellington 2009

"Hi Anah, Just a short email to say how much I enjoyed last weekend and a big thankyou for all the time and effort you had obviously put in to make it all happen. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet an interesting and diverse group of women and really enjoyed the conversations I had with them. Thankyou " ......Regards, Sue

"A well organised, fun weekend of revitalisation, rejuvenation and inspiration shared with a wonderful group of women. Thanks Anah for a great experience"...... Glenys

WOW - Wearable Arts, Wellington 2008

"Thank you for a most wonderful well organsised weekend, we loved every minute, you really went out of your way to give us girls a fab time.  We sure crammed a lot in and what fantastic weather we had, and now got some new Timaru friends as well so an added bonus.  I was on a huge high on Monday and as the week kicked in kept wishing it was last week." .............Carol

'Thank you for a super weekend. I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. I loved how you made the WOW show so special with the masks and the limo. You planned well for organised together time while still giving us ample time to "do our own thing". I hope to join you again sometime so keep me on your email list please.
Again many thanks.'..........

Dingleburn - Central Otago Girls Adventures 2008

Track up the side of a hill at Dingleburn Station."Thank you very much for the wonderful weekend at Dingleburn, its something I will remember for the rest of my life. Hope life is good with you ......"
Jeanne G

"Wow… what a journey! I live in Hamilton and found Anah’s web site through an engine search for Melbourne as this is where I wanted to go! So by great fortune It brought me to Anah.

Although I ended up in the South Island. I was a bit hesitant booking a tour on the internet as It was not a well known company or site! I thought oh well I will take the chance and if I lose out, worse could happen. This turned out to be an amazing experience mentally, emotionally and physically.

Dingleburn… what can you say its such an amazing place, to be able to recapture life’s
essence, and become more in tune with who you are! Thank - you Anah and everyone for an amazing experience that wont be forgotten xxx "

Colleen M

Mt Cook Weekend Escapes ...

"Anah has a deep-seated philosophy of nurturing at all levels and this just flows with the activities, and the environment which was created on my weekend to Mt Cook. It was a welcome "time for me" which was new but totally comfortable. Quite an intimate group, some who had met before and others who had not - we quickly became joined in the fellowship of the special time. The thought and provisions which had gone into the planning meant it flowed and catered for us all. Brilliant organisation and planning always appears seamless. Thank you Anah."
Judith H

"The opportunity of a long weekend in the Aoraki-Mt Cook areas was tempting. An easy decision to make; the area has always held a fascination for me and what I had heard of Anahís tripís away was enticing. Plus, like most of us, a much needed break away from a very busy job. Iíve done everything on my own for decades. How would I ďgoĒ with a group of women I didnít know? This was the one reservation. Just get on with the booking, stick with the plan and look forward to a new experience I told myself. "
Sharan A          ..... read the full story here

Melbourne Shopping, Wine & Culture ...

"......As for the Melbourne trip I found it fun and inspirational. The visits to several boutique wineries sparked an interest in wines, while a trip on Australia's south coast and seeing the 12 Apostles left me wanting to come back for more. The old Melbourne gaol, with its eerie history dragged me back to another time. The history, the hoping, a wonderful relaxing spa and massage near the sea, and the sights all left me wanting to go back to Melbourne again and stay for longer."
J - Oamaru