Aoraki Mt Cook Trip 27-29 July 2007

We have just returned from our Aoraki-Mt Cook journey last weekend. Thank you to all the Fantastic Women who joined me and stepped out of their comfort zones.

Thank you to Chris for the incredible meals, snacks and your endless quiet energy. You dined us like Kings and Queens.

Thank you to Stephen for the driving, stories and behind the scenes work. For the walk up the Hooker Valley and cuppa with Aoraki as our foreground.

Thank you to Janie for the massaging hands, relaxation session and wonderful aromatherapy permeating from the massage room.

Thank you to Aoraki- Mt Cook Alpine Lodge for the warm and inviting accomodation, and to their guests who blended their company with ours.

A very special thank you to Charlie Hobbs for joining us at our special dinner on Saturday night. For your shared vision with your wife Mary and inspiration for others and the Aoraki-Mt Cook National Park. For your stories and books that inspire other AND the hospitality and best coffee at The Old Mountaineers' Restaurant and Cafe.

" The Spirit of Mountaineering- The Classic Story And Pictorial Record Of Jack Adamson, First New Zealand Mountain Guide,Photographer And Pioneer."

"Thank you to all Kiwis who inspire, help others where they can, greet each day with a ready smile, a positive attitude and work on dreams for a better tomorrow."

Charlie Hobbs.MARY HOBBS - adventurer,writer and publisher of inspirational books. "Jack's dream was about ensuring that a very special place,full of the spirit of mountaineering, helpful guides, good food and affordable accomodation, was always available to New Zealanders at the end of a long day of travel. That is part of our dream too."

CHARLIE HOBBS - Mountain Guide, owner of The Old Mountaineers' Restaurant in the Aoraki- Mt Cook National Park.

Click the underlined words to see some of the photos from this Mt Cook trip with 'The Road Less Travelled'



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