Anah and a lovely Balinese woman.

Checklist to Bring

  • Passport (Ensure you have at least 6 months available before expiry at time of travel)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sense of Humour

  • Open Mind

  • Not too many bags

  • Positive Attitude



A Balinese going about the daily  tasks.



Colourful people.

I feel very blessed that we are able to have some very special time here and you can click here to >> read more about Linda with her work at The Bamboo Foundation.

Linda is world renowned for her interior design work and as an environmentalist.

At Panchoran Retreat, we will experience organic foods, participate in a cooking school Balinese style and spend an evening under the stars sharing the evening meal.

This Retreat has homed the rich and famous and key world leaders but also has an air of humble tranquility in stunning surroundings.


Bali Travel Tours

I have been travelling regularly to Bali since 2000, especially during holidays and have gained a personal insight into this incredible country. A spontaneous visit to the paddy fields, villages or sitting down on the marble floors bartering and having tea with my friend Wayans family is all part of "The Road Less Travelled Philosophy"

This is my regular overseas tour for women and one that I always treasure. I would love you to join me this year, as we further explore Bali's hidden gifts and highlights. As always, it is the people who make the difference to our eastern days. So come for a journey of difference with me.

You can see the itinerary from the most recent girl's trip to Bali below to give you an idea of the type of experience on offer. Remember that the itinerary will be similar but as always, also different!

Bali Girls on The Road Less Travelled to Bali 2011...

LOOK what magic is in store for you when you join me to BALI! Sometimes in our lives we just need to DO IT.

Make this trip to Bali something 'out of the ordinary' for you for 2011. Bali is an absolutely fascinating place where East meets West, in a vibrant array of people, sights, food, sounds, arts, crafts and of course, there is the shopping. Girls time.

  • I will escort you from Christchurch to Bali return, for 14 nights and 15 days.
  • Together, we will explore and share Bali with its people, culture and island life. Bask in the sunshine, have fun with the bartering, view Bali from personal insights and those of the local people.
  • Come visit Dharma Jati Orphanage where 'The Road Less Travelled' offers its 'contribution back' to the children of Bali.
"This year Timaru school, Grantlea Downs students have donated some wonderful gifts to the orphanage and have provided an opportunity for the orphanage to participate in a penpal exchange. I feel honored to escort these gifts and messages to Bali and begin a liaison of new learnings for both centres from very different perspectives. Thank you to Grantlea Downs."
  • Experience the largest and most sacred temple on Bali, Besakih. For the Balinese, it is spirit first.
  • Travel with Wayan, our trusted Driver, well used to us Kiwi girls!! Wayan will drive us to key and wonderful places on our journey in Bali.
  • Learn about the ceremonies.Gain an insight into the traditional Balinese culture.
  • Visit a dormant volcano and lake, Mt Batur, thriving with village life in its core. See the artists and their type of paintings that are unique to the volcanic rim.
  • Visiting the early morning market in Ubud and indulge in a Balinese massage during your stay.
  • The Balinese are artists in many disciplines, see them at their art work and play.
  • There will be time for some well deserved R&R, exploring, shoppping, eating, jewellery, silks, swimming, maybe even the odd bit of surfing if you are keen.
  • Having fun and the ability to relish the spontaneous moments will make your "out of the ordinary' experience in Bali, a true treasure.

Bali Tour Flight Details

  • Dates: TBA
  • I can fully recommend Lisa from Mondo Travel for all her help behind the scenes when it comes to arranging flights.



  • ALL ACCOMMODATION for 14 nights and Breakies, unless otherwise stated.
  • Escorted Tour experiences as listed in Itinerary, Day to Day Organisation and Tour Care by Anah.
  • Spa Pamper...Traditional Balinese Style, just for you.
  • Wayan our Balinese driver - click to enlarge.
  • Driver and transport on travelling days. Airport pick up and drop off. Personal driver, my friend, Wayan, and vehicle as listed.
  • Bird Sanctuary visit.
  • Key info and hints into Balinese culture. Anah's favourite eating places.
  • Shopping expeditions and any requests for specific shopping, eg gold/silks/jewels etc.
  • Volcano and sightseeing experiences, key temple landmarks.
  • Visit to orphanage and off the beaten track places. Meet the locals
  • Factory visit to Anah's Silversmiths.
  • Hospital visit
  • Surprise treat The Road Less Travelled way!

Cost does not include:

  • AIR TRAVEL ex ChCh or Auckland to Bali (Dempasar), return.
  • Travel insurance* - Travel Insurance is mandatory. Keep a copy with you as we travel and note your toll free contact number. 'Mondo, The New Travel Company' (Lisa, is my very friendly agent ) will assist you with this or you may purchase your own. Insurance with Lisa uses QBE as preferred insurer. Costs will also vary according to any pre exisiting illnesses and age. If you are interested in this option please let me know and I will get details out to you.
  • NZ departure tax $25.00 pp or flights as per above
  • Bali Visa and Departure tax (On arrival at Denpasar Airport, there will be an approx US$25.00 Tourist Visa cost. Generally US $ cash is best.)
  • An approx tax of NZ$25.00 to leave Bali = about 150,000 Rupiah is payable on leaving Bali. ( Bali money is in Rupiah and with that goes a lot of noughts!!! You may feel like millionaires but it doesnt take long to get used to.)
  • Personal spending of any nature.
  • Some donation monies for temples or special places.
  • Short taxi rides/bemo for personal transport, if you wish to use.
  • Meals not listed in cost. Meals are very inexpensive and you can generally spend anything from $2.00 to $20.00 per meal.
  • Shopping is also generally very inexpensive depending on what you want.
  • You will need a current passport. Ensure you have at least 6 months available before expiry at time of travel.

Nearer departure I will send you hints on what to take, PACK LIGHT, what the weather will be like, VERY WARM, and any other info you will need to have. I will give out contact no's of accommodation places prior to departure.

Bali Itinerary In Brief:

Day 1: Leaving on a Jet Plane...Meet the girls and enjoy good company and chats on board our Pacific Blue airliner to Denpasar, Bali. Arrive Dempasar in the balmy Balinese afternoon. Transport pick up by Wayan to 'Kumala Pantai Hotel' in Legian, for our first night in Bali.

Day 2: Awake to the humid sounds of the Spice Isles, breathe in yr first breath, stretch and head to Breakie Orientation into things Bali and intentions for our 'Road Less Travelled' Balinese experience. Meet Wayan, our driver, over breakie, looking out to sea, and discuss our fabulous 15 day experience to come.

Day 3-6: Easing into the culture. Go with the flow for these days and see what happens around each corner. Meet my jeweller friends, Samsul and Dwi.

Shopping, sight seeing, walking and dining, interacting with the people. Experience a surf option with 'Ripcurl' Bali run by Jonni ex ChCh dude. It is a very fun and safe experience even for us more mature women. Waves at Legian are gentle for beginners.Jonni and his team also support the Orphanage that we will get to visit towards the end of our trip. If you would like a bungy jump,he can offer that as well. All a very short walk from our Hotel. AJ Hackett Bungy is alive and well in Bali.

If surfing is not yr cup of tea, join us on the beach, watch the fun and be our camera persons. Tiki tours with Wayan, shopping, sight seeing to see the south eastern sites of Dreamland Beach, Jimbaran fishing village and the cliff temple of Uluwatu at sunset.

Days 7-11: Girls now head North to Ubud for bird watching, elephant riding, market days, arts and crafts and spa. 5 days to experience Ubuds arts, crafts and delicious foods. Tiki tours to Besakih Temple, Mt and Lake Batur. Meet Wayan's whanau.

Days 11-14: Relax for our final four nights in Seminyak accomodation. Orphanage visit and final shopping days, factory outlets billabong etc and whatever takes yr fancy.

Day 15: Final shopping day and last minute bits and bobs and photos before we leave this archipeligo in the early hrs of the 22nd to return to the 'Land of the Long White Cloud' down under.

This itinerary may change slightly to allow us the spontaneous moments, the unexpected and circumstances beyond my control:)))

Why Bali?

Have you wanted to experience the exotic East? But unsure about travelling by yourself. Come with me to BALI. Spaces are available for you to join me on this exciting trip. For some of you, this may be a once in a life time opportunity, for others the beginning of a love for Bali and things Eastern.

This trip has everything, adventures, a personal driver and vehicle at hand, shopping experiences, spa, cooking school Balinese style and other treats for you Kiwi women on the move in Bali.

Anah will escort you from Christchurch to Bali return, where you will bathe in the culture and sights that are uniquely Bali.

A wonderful adventure for anyone who wishes to experience Bali but does not wish to travel alone. Anah’s aim is provide women with some “time out” for themselves, coming home refreshed, re energized with new adventures to share.

Bali is a nation unlike any other and quite different from its surrounding islands. This trip is an opportunity to gain an insight into a very different culture from New Zealand.

Street scene in Bali

This trip will go with the flow where you will meet local people, barter with fun, enjoy the Balinese culture and shop as much as you like. Bali will be a wee insight through my eyes and you will experience some aspects of Bali that many tourists do not see.

Where ever we travel I believe getting to know the people is most important as this creates an understanding and tolerance for others with unique differences. Balinese are truly still beautiful with their natural smiles. Come see Bali with me while these spontaneous smiles continue to welcome all.

Travel Tips

Time Zones: Bali is 4 hrs behind NZ time. You can Google Earth, what an amazing tool!!! see where we will be.

Weather: Very warm and hot.

Drinking Water: You can buy very good bottled water for a nominal price. I advise not to drink or wash teeth in tap water. Most hotels provide good bottled water.

Vaccinations: Generally Bali requires no vaccinations and is a malaria free zone. However, please check with your own G/P for up to date info. Bring insect repellant.

Medicines: Take your own requirements as needed, noting you will need to declare if you are an Insulin Dependant Diabetic or need to carry anaphylactic pens etc. Any concerns speak to yr GP. Please keep me updated, if you do have medical requirements.

Roaming on Cellpone: Telecom International calling card maybe of use to you. Ring yr phone provider for details. Some people are able to recieve txts but reception can be variable. You may want to enquire about a world phone.

Orphanage: In my experience if you wish to donate some items to this orphanage, pencils, pens and coloured paper for educational needs is a good option. However I feel the best is to donate food if you wish to be part of my contribution back while we are in Bali or help towards provision of Gamelon ( Traditional) instruments in order for the children to be self sufficient and earn money from orchestral concerts.

Current passport : Must have at least 6 months before expiry on departure. Good idea to have photocopy of passport in case of loss. Keep in a different place from actual other travel docs.

Money: I always travel with a money belt for cash and important docs. Although I do not always have it around my waist it is a good easy option compared to a handbag for me. These can be purchased at Duty Free for approx $10-20.00 if you do not have one or check out yr local shops.

There will be a safety deposit box at our accomodation places for you to pop yr valuables in.

With regards to which currency you should use in Bali, it is your choice. US and Aussie dollars and NZ are easily exchangeable just check out current exchange rate and choose accordingly. I generally take US $$.

* $100.00 bills will give you greater exchange rates in Bali.

*If you decide to take US $$ request from yr bank that you do NOT want US$ with serial nos CK/CB or any 1996/2001 notes. In the past I have found that some Money Changers/Banks will not accept these.

For C/C transactions in Bali I personally, (Visa) have had a 2.5% fee for c/c costs.This may change from time to time and you will need to check with yr bank first.

*Nearer departure I will send you hints on what to take, PACK LIGHT, what the weather will be like, VERY WARM, and any other info you will need to have.

Meeting with beautiful Balinese women and Buddha.What others had to say

Although each trip is different, women on Anah's tours all get the chance to take part in an amazing experience. One experience that touched the hearts of some intrepid South Island women, was a visit to Dharma Jati orphanage in the city of Dempasar in Bali.

Greeted by smiling young children and teenagers, their songs brought tears to the eyes of the kiwi girls and in response sang ‘Po Kare Kare Ana”. A sharing of cultures and time.
226 children live at Dharma Jati, cared for by 1 man Nika, and his wife. Nika also has another orphanage and cares for Balinese children who no longer have parents or are too poor to care for them.

More experiences and comments from people who have made the trip on The Road Less Travelled to Bali can be read on the testimonials page.

What do I need to do now?

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